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Just as we tried to uproot one evil and bring the year of impunity, fears and tears behind us, it is very unfortunate that the dark cloud had gathered again and no sign of relief yet in sight.

At first, it was the fractionalization of PDP into different groups. The BG, BOG, Ogunlewe, Jimi Agbaje and Segun Adewale factions of which we know who amongst them truly represents the interest of the party in Lagos. It beats my imagination why people who have made fortunes from a party will turn around to work against the interest of the party all within the shortest possible dark night. Why? I ask myself again. Why? I had severally withdrew to my closet and I wish I could have a spiritual power to effectively speak to the conscience of these people but am still yearning and hoping God gives me exactly that.

In the last election in Lagos, only Segun Adewale (Aeroland) stood tall, spending his personal money to ensure victory for the party under which he had contested 2 times for Reps and Senate respectively and robbed by the APC government of terror. As if that was not enough to discourage this young man who believe in justice, fair play and equity, he kept keeping on. Just as we had thought others will follow suit, some decided to play the ostrich while some decided to stand aloof as if they had nothing doing with PDP. More worrisome is the fact that, some publicly campaigned and work against the party even on national television. It was so bad that our own leader, mentor and father, Chief Olabode George took to the electronic media via Channels TV to canvass votes for Labour Party and I wonder why such man was never sanctioned for anti party activities. Age bequeath wisdom, integrity and exemplary leadership but in his case, reverse is the case. For how long are we going to continue with this? This is a man that had never won his polling booth since 1999 in Lagos. I learnt he broke the jinx in the last LG election under Labour. What he could not achieve for PDP in 17years, he did it for Labour in 3months where he has never benefitted anything. What an irony!!! I had hoped he will remain in Labour to enable him continue to achieve same fit for Labour. He is meant to be our mentor I guess!! How I wish God’s judgement is instantaneous but then I beseech God to grant them genuine forgiveness for they know not what they do!!!!.

We had thought the emergence of Makarfi will bring all and sundry together as the NCC Chairman expressly stated “No Victor, No Vanquish”. We all felt this will be another avenue to find strenght in our weakness, bring everyone together and channel the way forward for our great party. However, we were proved wrong as some elements in the South West won’t allow the sleeping dog lie. First, they gathered in Ibadan just last week to declare war on their fellow party members, leaders of the party in various zones within South West and threaten to expel them from the party while also calling them unprintable names like blacklegs, parasite, blackface and all sorts. Kilode (what happened self), kilagbe kilaju (what are we dragging self). All is vanity upon vanity and more importantly, power is transient and does not last forever as the most powerful today may end up becoming the most powerless tomorrow.

As they continue to gather to strategize the hijack of cracked and unsettled structure in Lagos and South West, some of these leaders who will never allow their past to pass them have continued to also engage in uncharitable and ignominiously orchestrated acts that may finally put a question mark on their moral and integrity status as far as Lagos State PDP is concerned. How do we explain some elements within the Bode George group selling non elective convention forms all over PDP Lagos chapters? Must we make money by all available means possible at the expense of troubled and impoverished party members? People are meant to be nominated for the convention to witness the amendment to the Constitution which will also snowball into the extension of the tenure of our NCC Chairman pending when the substantive National Chairman will be elected at the next convention date yet to be specified. In fact, aside that people are meant to be nominated, they are also to be compensated by the party for leaving their families behind to attend this epoch making event. In Lagos, sales of non elective convention forms have commenced by the so-called people who pretend to love our party but all they do in the open is to discredit the party by their actions and inactions. I do not know if Chief Bode George is aware of this but he must as a matter of fact act fast and put a stop to this madness.

If PDP must truly live up to the expectations of the masses by providing a vibrant, credible and consistent opposition to the ruling party, certain characters must be put under check as their action will not make Nigeria to trust the party if we continue like this till 2019.

Long Live Nigeria, Long Live PDP

Dare Dada
Lekki Phase 1
Lagos, Nigeria