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Davido mourn his friend and his official Dj Olu

The death of DJ Olu came days after Tagbo passed away Davido has gone into a state of mourning following the death of another close friend of his, DJ Olu. The Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) could not hide how shaken he was after hearing about the news of his friend.

The bereaved music artist took to his Snapchat to express his sadness over the death of the guy who he considered a brother till his demise. He revealed that they had both performed amazingly well at many shows.

For four years, DJ Olu had been a die or ride hard brother of the music artist. Davido confessed to having a part of him broken with the early departure of his close buddy from the world. To think that DJ Olu died days after Tagbo died is simply heartbreaking for the vibrant star.

In a tweet posted today, Davido who was one of Olu’s closest friends, said Olu took a part of him when he died suddenly.