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Democracy Is Dynamic, By Olasoji Adagunodo.

Democracy is dynamic, it is both positive and negative and never constant. It is full of ups and downs, it shows that there is profit and gains in democracy.


It then means that the profit that is in it is great if one can face it till the end. I want to appeal to our people not to despair, I really thank you all for your support, perceferance, consistence, moral, spiritual and financial supports since the struggle began with the fact that you  underwent so much display of injustice, insults, harrassments,  intimidation and breaking of the rules of law by those who were supposed to be saddled with the responsibilities of upholding the tenets of our common laws and order but that have denigrated to the extent of trampling on the dictates of Nigeria and our party’s constitutions with impunity. Even at that, I still believe in our party and the future of our country.


I want you to remember my statement when I started my campaigns and I quote it that “God is passing through PDP.” Wherever God is passing through, quite a lot of things can happen there and I want you to remember that I said this “will lead to the uplifting of some people as well as casting down of others.”


I want you to hold this fact tight to your heart, in this case I want you to be calm, resolute and without rancor with anybody, let’s continue in the struggle and let’s get to the end of the tunnel because we haven’t reached the end of the tunnel. We are still in the middle of the fight.


Also I want you to remember my statement also that my motive to become the chairman is not an aspiration or ambition of amassing wealth or material gains but an ambition of a struggle and I have said it several times that “the struggle is that PDP must take back Osun State” and that by the Grace of God it is a must by next year. I also said “if my tenure as chairman will not have positive effects for my family, Osun State and Nigeria I have prayed privately and openly that God should truncate it.” I’m still on that prayer and the direction of God to that effect.


I also said “if it is someone else and not me that God wants to use to deliver Osun and Nigeria I’m going to give my full support to that person to achieve that aim” but I believe strongly, especially, with what has just happened of recent, in the election of Osun West Senatorial that God wants to use me to deliver Osun State and get back the government. I therefore appeal to our people to be cool, calm, resolute and stay away from anything that can cause chaos or misunderstanding with anybody or group within and outside our different political interests.


All our remaining actions and steps will be done under the rule of law. We hope they will act decently, they will reason, they will be impartial in whatever they want to do and I will like to remind them also that all political parties are made of people and not just people, majority of people before the political party can be in government. We don’t want to be just a political party but a ruling parry. In the light of this I will like to remind them also that in the constitution of Nigeria, there is freedom of asociation and by that we have the freedom to be  wherever “they” want us, we shall be there and wherever “they” don’t want us we shall think of our next line of action in wisdom which means we shall be where we are needed.


Not withstanding that, we are resolute, we are founding members of PDP, we are financial members of this great party from inception, we started PDP together and there is nobody that can stampede us out of PDP. There is nobody that can send another person out of any political party. If we willingly become PDP members on our own volition, therefore if we are going to leave PDP, it will be on our own volition nobody can stop us from doing that.


We have concluded that the decision of the National Caretaker Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party is extremely unjust and has remained a mere script of a minority group and cabal that is being driven by inordinate ambition of a few cabals that has held the leadership of the party by the jugular. We just feel in the present political settings, they seem to see themselves as being the ones in charge but may be they have forgotten that they  are in opposition and not in government and they are still acting as LORDS.


In their own wisdom, whatever they say or do, if they think or feel that their recent decisions,  especially on Osun state congresses, that was adjudged free and fair by all agencies of government like INEC, Police, DSS, NSCDC, all print and electronic media and the majority of the PDP members in Osun state, that their decision to unilaterally discard and dissolve our executives is the best for the party, well, that’s good for them.  If they are fair in their future actions on the proposed congresses which we suspect is already being planned to by manipulated again, history will be there, if they are not fair, history will be there.


I therefore appeal to our people not to fight anybody, I believe in you, you also believe in me, therefore let’s do all things orderly as laid down by the constitution of our country and our great party. Once  again, I appreciate you all. PDP is one and it’s going to be one and I am assuring you that we are going to provide purposeful leadership that will benefit all of us.