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There are many reasons why your husband might prefer to eat out. In my relationship with married people, I have been able to reach some conclusion and let me share some with you especially on FOOD MATTER.

There are many reasons why your husband might prefer to eat out. In my relationship with married people, I have been able to reach some conclusion.

1. *You are a bad cook*. I know you are offended but the bitter truth must be said.
Many wives are just endowed but do not know how to cook. Men love good food and if he can’t get it from you, he will look elsewhere. Have you noticed that you see many men at Village kitchen more than women. While women go to eat rice, Noddles and snacks, you see the men going out looking for where Swallow foods are served. It’s not actually the Eba, Semo, pounded yam, Amala… but the stew. Efo Riro, Ewedu, Okoro and dry fish, Bitter leaves with bush meats… Most men seems not to love food during courtship but begin to make serious request after wedding. Wives, learn how to cook and Cook it delicious.

2) *You are dirty.*:Most wives are just too dirty to stay with. You get to their kitchens and everywhere is messed up like a dunghill. Always make sure your kitchen is neat and attractive because that is your office. Your files are the pots,gas cooker, refrigerator, etc. Ensure you arrange these files neatly. Some are dirty to the point that they store dirty water in a container (pot) for a long time, hum mm mm! It stinks. Make sure your kitchen is always clean,it should be a place your husband can appreciate you for. It should be conducive.

3) *You don’t prepare food in time*.
“A hungry man is an angry man.” If your man doesn’t get his food in time he will definitely go outside to satisfy his appetite. Laziness and the inability to plan effectively will affect how soon you can get the food ready. i know a husband who doesn’t eat or bring food to work because the wife do wake up late.At times, she prepares noddles for the kids or serve them bread and butter but no plan is made for the husband. It is indisputable you have to work so as to support the family but please wake early and prepare food for your household.

4) *You don’t cook the food he likes*.
Our elders said, “A wife must not cook what the husband doesn’t eat.” It is disheartening to see that many wives are ignorant of this. For instance, I don’t like beans but my wife has devised a way of making beans appealing just for me to eat. She add vegetables, fish or plantains and makes the stew separately then the beans is not always watery. She will then put yam or bread or rice in a separate plate. hummmmmmmmmmmm. At the beginning of our marriage,I preferred to be deprived of nourishment to eating beans because it was cooked then the normal way. You must know what you husband doesn’t like. Does he want or like food that has the taste of pepper?Is he comfortable with food that is cooked in a microwave oven? Does he like swallow?If he likes delicacy then be ready to give it to him.

5 ) *You always use his present condition against him.*
Some men have lost the authority or control over their homes since they couldn’t provide for their family because of the hurtful condition of having lost their jobs or recession. A lecturer once shared his experience with me that he is now the wife in the home because his wife is favoured to be the primary income-earner. He furthered to say that he dared not complain about what the wife put on the table for him. If you are among wives that do castigate their husbands after eating the food because he couldn’t provide or give you money,he might reject the food tomorrow . If you are wealthier than your man, don’t use your position against him. No one knows tomorrow. A wife was telling her friends at her place of work that her ungrateful husband ate all the three pieces meats she served him earlier. If the man should hear this, how do you think he would feel?
(Men,we will not lose our headship)

6. You don’t serve him like a king. You remember FOOD, SEX AND MARRIAGE CLASS?
serve your husband meal as if you are serving a king. He is your king, the man in your life that
Sis with him and eat. Eat together if possible. Don’t DRESS like a cook when you want to eat with him, if the FOOD IS TASTEY, WIFE MUST ALSO LOOK TASTEY. Shower and wear something nice. Don’t wear the look of a fed up woman . You get me. Put the food in his mouth once in a while. TOUCH HIS STOMACH WITH YOUR FOOD AND TOUCH HIS EMOTIONS WITH YOUR LOOK.


Jethro Oyalakun