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While speaking in Benin City at the 20th erudite Professor Wole Soyinka Annual Lecture  organized by the National Association of Seadogs, Adams Oshiomhole again danced naked in the presence of highly cerebral and celebrated intellectuals in his usual sycophantic display  of pretentious and pseudo patriotism wrapped and warped in sycamore sycophancy to remain relevant in the public view.


Delivering the keynote address, Oshiomhole was quoted as saying that, those canvassing for restructuring were diverting Nigerians attention from the real issues of governance and leadership. Here, Oshiomhole as would be expected, goofed as there is nothing wrong with the campaign to restructure the country to reflect true federalism that will promote equitable growth and prosperity in our nation. Restructuring means so many things to so many ethnic nationalities in Nigeria and moreover, in democracy freedom to demand for individual or group rights is guaranteed, and this is the centrefold of democratic governance.


Oshiomhole faulted the timing of the agitation as according to him, it isn’t the right time to discuss the unity of Nigeria; and the question of the viability of Nigeria remaining as one, while doing things differently as a nation in order to make the country great. I disagree with Adams, as there is no better time to discuss the fragmented unitary government that was bequeathed to us by the British, than now, as this will help the policy direction and trust of the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration.


The former governor went ahead to say that, many of the country’s elites advocating restructuring were the same persons that pushed for creation of states since the days of the military. It is an open fact that Adams was the biggest military apologist in his days at the Nigeria Labour Congress as he tried unsuccessfully to distance himself from the nation’s democratic heroes. Instead of criticising those elites he now tried to disparage, Oshiomhole should appreciate them for pushing for creation of more states and encourage them to continually push for frontiers that will benefit the common Nigerians.


The self effacing purist said those pushing for the implementation of the National Confab report were doing so because part of its recommendation was that 18 additional states should be created. If I may ask, did Adams Oshiomhole not support Jonathan’s National Confab? Did Oshiomhole not send delegates from Edo State while he was governor? Yes he did. As a Nigerian, I see nothing wrong in implementing the essential parts of National Confab report for the benefit of every Nigerian.


Adams also revealed that many states that received the 13 per cent oil derivation funds, deviated from using the purpose of the fund to procure aircrafts, built state of the art government house without building state of the art  hospitals, health centres and schools.


Here Adams Oshiomhole was correct but cleverly omitted to add that he is among those governors he accused of diverting the funds meant for the developing of oil producing areas as he used the billions allocated to the three local government areas to restructure his family. Going by the allegation of corruption that has been filed against him at both the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) Oshiomhole may find it difficult to exonerate himself from the gloom that has enveloped Ikpoba Okha Local Government, Ovia North East Local Area and Orhionmwon Local Government Area. Communities in these three local government areas are reflections of abandonment – lacking basic amenities despite their huge allocation from Federation account but diverted. In his case, unlike his colleagues, instead of changing the face of Edo State Government house, he used the derivation funds to build his multi billion Playboy Mansions with roof top swimming pools, indoor swimming pools, underground saunas, automated kitchens, and chilling cold rooms in Iyamho, Okoro Otun, Benin City, Abuja and Ikoyi, to the extent of plunging Edo State into over #300 billion debts which generation of Edo yet unborn will continue to pay, and which poses huge danger to the Godwin Obaseki Administration.


I agree with Adams that for Nigeria to restructure, we need to restructure our values, the attitude to governance and the issue of corruption. Here I think Oshiomhole should set example by accounting for the trillions he received during his tenure as governor. He should also explain how he acquired his numerous estate both in Nigeria and elsewhere. In the alternative, he should return to Edo State  every property he has acquired with Edo State’s derivation.


It is obvious that there are structural problems because there are two main tribes in Nigeria, the tribe of the very rich and the tribe of the very poor. Yes I agree, and this is the reason why he used the resources of the first vulnerable and indefensible tribe who entrusted in him to acquire the ticket to migrate to the second tribe, the tribe he has accused to the amusement of the first tribe, his ex-love.


A good friend of Adams who accompanied him to the lecture said to me, ”Chief, I have never come across any Nigerian as sycophantic as your friend. Your friend is like a monkey who can dance ‘owigiri’ to non existent song of pirori in the presence of a mad man with a banana at hand, and his amazing strength is that once that banana in the hand of that mad man is finished, he is the homo-erectus who never hesitate to somersault with ubagana style to the next man who has another banana at hand. Anything with a banana can lure your friend like monkey into a cage”, he concluded.



Chief BLESSING AGBOMHERE, writes from Edo State.