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Re: Victimization of Muslim students in Adeleke University.

Re: Victimization of Muslim students in Adeleke University

It is infuriating that some social handlers loyal to a particular aspirant have employed religion as a political tool to earn public sympathy for their anointed candidate and at the same time to portray Adeleke dynasty as a family populates by religion extremists. Firstly, It is widely known that Adeleke university is a faith based university like fountain university of NASFAT, Al-hikmah university, Covenant university, redeemer university and others. If all the universities established on faith principles before Adeleke university could operate and stick to their rules without forcing anybody to come and seek for admission in their faith based university, I see no reason why some political jobbers in Ede who have tied their destiny to the gubernatorial ambition of their principal should be wailing like EGBERE on the compulsory morning devotion for all students in a faith based university. For instance, there is no student that can walk in the premises of fountain university without sticking to the university rules enacted in accordance with the practice of Islam as a religion. Also, GNS 201 is an Islamic course in fountain university and it is compulsory for all (Muslims, Christians, Jews and others) who are matriculated students of the University. Can we also call all these rules and guidelines anti other people’s belief? Hell NO! The school didn’t force his admission on anyone. Those who choose to seek for academic knowledge in the University knew it to be a faith based one before they applied for their admission. Likewise Adeleke university too. Secondly, those who are circulating the falsehood that Adeleke university are forcing Christianity as a religion on Muslim students should do our society a favour by mention the name of the muslim students, either under the sponsorship of Dr Deji Adeleke Springtime development foundation or Senator Ademola Adeleke scholarship empowerment who has been forcefully converted to Christian in Adeleke university.

Lastly, I will advice those who are bittered with the operating rules of the university as a faith based one to issue their own scholarship to the indigent Muslims in their communities in Islamic faith based university like fountain university, Al-hikmah university and others.

Note: The attached pictures shows the Muslim students of Adeleke University entering the school bus after observing their Solatul-Jummah in Adeleke memorial mosque.