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Sowere Just Bomb Atiku Abubakar

Presidential aspirant omoyele sowere,  take it back master has dropped a bomb on PDP presidential aspirant Atiku Abubakar today.

He said, “The last government is always better than the next. In fact, if you ask me which is the worst government, it hasn’t come yet.

“It’s coming next year if we vote Buhari or Atiku. It’ll be the worst government we’ll have because both of them have unfinished business with Nigeria.

“Atiku was not happy that he didn’t steal enough when he was with Obasanjo. Maybe he didn’t get enough licenses for his universities, or maybe he didn’t get enough oil blocs for himself or probably didn’t marry enough wives.

“So, when they return, they’re coming with vengeance; vengeance on our resources and our people.

“Atiku is coming back to create a paradise for thieves and you can see the people who are excited about them.

“They’re either people who stole, who didn’t steal enough last time, or people who are aspiring to become thieves, including Donald Duke.

“Same thing with Buhari. If Buhari returns next year, he’ll take away all forms of pretence about human rights, about his support for Islamic extremism, about his respect for your farms. He’ll take it all because at that time, he’ll have nothing at stake.”

Sowore also said Nigerians cannot hope to simply have power voluntarily transfered from one generation to another and must fight for it through a deliberate revolution.

He pointed out that the system is rigged to keep the old establishment in power and that Nigerians must resist it so as to actualise the country of their dreams and not the one of their ineffective leaders.

He said, “The solution is a revolution. We’re not going anywhere without adding the revolutionary fervour to this coming election.

“Anyone who’s still under the illusion that these old baggers, as we call them, will hand over power voluntarily to us, we’re deceiving ourselves.