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Osun 2018: Support Prince Ayoade Adewopo for a Sustainable Tomorrow.

After over two and a half decades of state creation, Osun State remains pregnant with ample untapped human, environmental and socio-political endowments. Our natural and human resources create a fertile climate for commerce and make Osun a veritable investment destination. This in turn, when fully utilized and with the right leadership makes economic and industrial development a necessity in the State.

Every entity requires a visionary leader, one capable of deploying and synergizing all the requisite factors and actors to its immediate and imminent needs. Ayoade Adewopo’s pedigree, international board room exposure, and ascension to the pinnacle of the global corporate world put him forth as tailor – made for the task of economic development in an evolving Osun State. His aspiration to govern Osun as the fifth Executive Governor in this period of its economic quagmire is therefore one pregnant with greater good for Osun people.

Ayoade Adewopo, the globally renowned global trade financing and corporate governance specialist is fully aware that the task of leading Osun of 2018 and beyond is going to be onerous but he has been well prepared by God for this herculean task.

Prince Adewopo will upon being sworn in as the fifth Executive Governor of Osun State swing instantly into action to lay the foundation for the successful execution of his vision for the state encapsulated in a 5 – point HEART agenda of Health, Education, Agriculture, Restoration/Rural Development and Tourism/Transportation.

The need for these 5 – point agenda as the emphasis on economic development is not far fetched. Years of socio-political and economic instability had robbed a once industrious people of an innate impetus of self reliance. This led to impoverishment from the lack of self-belief and financial overdependence on Government.

There’s an imminent need to break the chains of under achievement by inspiring self-belief and courage to legitimately utilize the innate skills of our people which will eventually lead to a proliferation of entrepreneurial concerns from SMEs to large scale enterprises.

Every Osun son and daughter, irrespective of geographic location will be obliged to play his or her part in building the Osun dream. Osun indigenes both at home and in the diaspora will be implored to maximize the benefits of their migration by cross-fertilizing ideas and connections for the economic advancement of our vastly endowed State. Foreign investors and national conventions will be consistently wooed by the State.

An Adewopo led PDP administration will be committed to the development of Osun’s workforce. The value of a dedicated workforce to the development of a state cannot be over-emphasized and so the government will prioritize the prompt payment of workers remuneration.

In addition, Adewopo is committed to ensuring that Osun is a medical tourist destination by providing qualitative healthcare for Nigerians and Osun people in particular. Several training programmes including mechanized farming and capacity development programmes will also be organized to ensure the employability of Osun youths. There’s no price too expensive to pay for our youths to be relevant in today’s competitive world.

As a land and as a people, Osun is greatly endowed. It is that set time when these endowments must be channelled in the right direction with the motive of attaining an even greater State. Such a motive begins with a decision to support Prince Ayoade Adewopo for Governor and to take one bold significant step in the right direction.

Prince Ayoade Adewopo is surely the one to take Osun to the Promised Land. He will adhere to international best practices in laying a firm foundation on which a greater and sustainable future will be built for Osun people.

Support the HEART Agenda

Support Prince Ayoade Adewopo for Governor